Why we chose Jedox Premium?

At Abraneo, we choose business performance management technologies that empower the business … cost effectively.

The tools we select are high performing, easy-to-use, quick to implement, and innovative. This way we keep our customers’ costs low and their benefits high. Jedox’ Jedox Premium delivers on all these fronts.

What is Jedox’ Premium?

Jedox’ Premium is a leading business performance management tool that empowers the business user to streamline their budgeting, forecasting, reporting, financial consolidation processes or develop dashboards and scorecards ... all without having to burden IT.

Using a powerful 64-bit in memory OLAP server, you can consolidate and analyze in real time. There are no dreaded macros to write, spreadsheets to link, or lengthy scripts to consolidate. Bottom level data changes result in top level consolidations in seconds!

Jedox Premium works with you in Excel or Libre Office environment along with an Excel-like Web application that requires only a browser to run.

The bottom line is with Jedox Premium you’ll spend a lot more time analyzing the data and a lot less time waiting for it to consolidate.

Jedox Web

Jedox Web combines all components of Jedox Premium in one uniform Web Platform.

Jedox Web is a component of the Jedox Premium, and includes all tools and modules that are necessary to create comprehensive Planning, Analysis and Reporting applications. All components are 100% web-based and do not need to be installed on your PC.

Jedox Premium

Jedox Premium combines all four of Jedox’s core applications — OLAP Server, Jedox Web, Jedox ETL Server and Jedox for Excel — into one comprehensive and customisable Business Intelligence platform.

Jedox Premium combines all Four of Jedox’s core applications — OLAP Server, Jedox Web, Jedox ETL Server and Jedox for Excel — into one comprehensive and customisable Business Intelligence platform.

Jedox For Excel®

Enjoy the benifits of using Excel with up to date from every aspect of your business

Extend your planning, analysis and reporting process with Jedox for Excel a cost efficient Business Intelligence Solution. You will avoid the well known spreadsheet hell due to Jedox Premium’s central data storage logic, whilst remaining in your comfortable Excel User Interface.

As a Jedox Premium User you do not have to leave your known Excel environment. Jedox Premium simply ensures that relevant dimensions of corporate information can be viewed and analyzed at the same time. Even in Excel, the most popular tool when it comes to storing corporate information.

Jedox for Excel includes the powerful OLAP Server Database, plus the Microsoft Excel Add-in (alternatively Open office add- in) which allows you to build a complete Business Intelligence solution.

Jedox Mobile

Pure Mobility - Jedox Mobile

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Jedox Mobile brings your Reports and Analysis in an enhanced and optimized look and feel to your Android, iPhonre of iPad devices. By doing so the application evolves from a gadget to a productive tool in your daily business.

Jedox with SAP®

Load data from SAP R/3, SAP ERP and SAP BW simply and quickly into Jedox OLAP.

The Jedox SAP Connectivity is an additional component of Jedox ETL, which offers additional types of connections and extractions to access SAP Systems directly. Jedox Premium can now be integrated optimally into SAP environments.

The Jedox SAP Connectivity is offered exclusively as part of the Jedox Premium. Jedox SAP Connectivity replaces the Jedox ETL SAP Connector, which only enabled access to SAP BW.

Jedox with GPU Acceleration

ULTRA-FAST performance, harness the same power that keeps weather modeling and high-performance computing on the cutting edge.

Jedox Premium can be accelerated with NVIDIA GPU technology from 20x-40x. Jedox GPU is a technology that was developed in cooperation with researchers from the University of Freiburg and the University of Western Australia, co-funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and Jedox. It is a technology that uses Nvidia GPU hardware to speed up large data processing jobs.