Neostrata Company Presents at 2011 Palo Open

Sept 15, 2011 - Frankfurt, Germany

“Neostrata Takes Sales Analytics to New Heights with PALO from Abraneo Technologies”

Dennis Reilly, VP of Finance at Neostrata Company, presented the development and implementation of a Palo Solution in partnership with Abraneo Technologies LLC.

Neostrata’s ten year old Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was challenged to keep up with information demands of increasingly large datasets – thousands of product SKU’s and domestic customers, hundreds of international distributorships and multiple sales channels (retail, physician, and web).

ERP reporting and analytics capabilities were unreliable and time consuming since it was difficult to extract, manipulate and analyze data, while linking spreadsheets and creating pivot tables and macros. In addition, Business and IT resources were constrained and Management’s demands for information were increasing. Dennis Reilly, Vice President of Finance, recognized that actionable analyses and critical business decisions were delayed and saw the need to replace the old system with one having greater versatility and speed. These were the criteria that were crucial:

  • Excel Integration
  • User Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • On-going training and support

Over the course of several weeks, Neostrata selected Abraneo Technologies as their partner and Palo as the business solution for their sales and reporting needs. Abraneo leveraged Finance’s use and comfort with Excel and started with Palo for Excel. The design and implementation took 6-8 weeks and caused very minimal disruption of internal systems.

The Result?

Improved Information: Management access to more timely/accurate information and key business drivers leads to better business decision-making.
Customer Satisfaction: NeoStrata highly satisfied with successful Palo integration and partnership with Abraneo Technologies.

We are very pleased at our partnership with Abraneo. They took on the challenge of learning the nuances of our business and implemented a very successful solution. We plan on continuing the partnership well into the future.Dennis Reilly, VP, Finance

About Abraneo Technologies

Abraneo Technologies ( is the leading U.S. certified Jedox Partner and Palo Software Reseller based in the mid-Atlantic area. Our mission is simple: to create value for our customers by empowering the business through technology.