The Abraneo Advantage

At Abraneo Technologies, our mission is simple -- deliver VALUE to the customer.

We are a team of business, finance and technology experts blending business consulting with business empowering software. We specialize in hosted (SaaS) or non-hosted business performance management solutions.

How we can help:

  • Finance (planning/budgeting, reporting, forecasting, analytics)
  • Sales Analytics
  • OLAP Technologies and relational databases
  • Providing hosted services
  • Business process improvement
  • Developing web-based custom solutions
Our software solutions focus on integrating and leveraging Excel, Open Office, or Libre Office – not eliminating it

At Abraneo Technologies, we believe that spreadsheets (Excel, Open Office, Libre Office) are powerful tools that enable business users to be self-sufficient in meeting the business’ analytical, reporting, planning needs. And we also believe that spreadsheets are here to stay.

So, rather than try to create a planning or reporting solution that avoids the spreadsheet – we embrace OLAP technologies that integrate with spreadsheets. Secure, fast, reliable, easy-to-use business empowering technologies.

So when the reporting requirements change, the planning model needs more detailed information, more products are added to the sales mix, management starts asking “what if?” – the business users are prepared … even proactive ... with the answers.

Our software solutions focus on leveraging Web and Mobile technology

Whether you want an executive dashboard, global or regional planning, analysis or reporting application, we offer solutions that combine all components in one uniform Web platform. All you need is a browser and the rights to access the data.

What makes Abraneo Technologies different? Passion. We are passionate about…
  • …selecting technologies that empower the business
  • …delivering cost effective, high quality solutions
  • …building long-term customer and vendor partnerships
  • …ending Excel Chaos!

Why Jedox?

Abraneo is proud to be a partner of Jedox, creator of Jedox Premium. We have chosen to resell and implement Jedox Premium because it is simply the best, most cost-effective, easy-to-use performance management software available today for budgeting, reporting and analytics. Come join us on this journey toward the future of business planning and analytics.

Excel is the work horse for the majority of Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting and Analytics projects. As a result, hundreds of spreadsheets can circulate with inconsistent data. Jedox Premium eliminates this problem by saving your Excel data in a central high speed multi-dimensional cube for "one version of the truth". It's available to all users quickly and easily.


Dennis R.VP, Finance

Now with Jedox Premium, I can quickly answer business questions for management, often while still on the phone

Michelle K.Buisness Analyst

Jedox Premium has eliminated all the “busy work” with merging spreadsheets. Now we can focus on analysis of key parts of our business